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Carla Swaby

Carla Swaby

Published on Jul 5, 2023

Acceptance, The Healing Heart


What would the world we live in be like if we had acceptance and no judgement… it would be a much more peaceful place. But unfortunately that is how the world is. We are so consumed of what things should be we have lost sight at what things are. Think about how much of our energy is consumed by our past and our thoughts about our future that our present is just floating along with us and falling to the waist side. We don’t see what is right in front of us because that is where we are NOT looking. Living in the present moment is something that I have been striving for myself, there is a power of being in that space. But it is a very conscious effort for me to be there cause man my brain likes to take me everywhere else haha.

We live in a world consumed by our phones, we spend soooo much of our time scrolling on our phones that we are missing our own connection to our own lives, to ourselves and to our people that are literally sitting right besides us. Why and how have we got to the place? We live in a world of duality and the opposite end of acceptance is disconnect… In a world that is telling us how to be, how to look, how to feel, how to be successful, “you should do that” “oh you shouldn’t do that” … our OWN acceptance of ourselves and OUR lives has been thrown out the window… because honestly how do we possibly keep up with the expectations that are put on us. So we disconnect from ourselves because that is the easier path than truly accepting what is and we continue our lives on autopilot on our old beliefs and perspectives hindering us from finding our blessings.

But what if we could bring more acceptance into our lives and instead of looking at things “how they should be” we looked at them for how they truly are. We all have parts of ourselves we don’t like, how we interact with people, how we feel unmotivated, how we feel the need to control, how we can’t just be more chill, our personality traits, our need for finding more happiness, our own self doubts, not being content…the list goes on. Instead of being ashamed or annoyed about these parts of ourselves, how about we accept them for what they are and that THEY are apart of you and they are there for GOOD reason!!! These parts of you have got you to where you are today and most of them are coping mechanisms from your past experiences and your past interactions with people. When we acknowledge all our parts good and BAD and we can accept they are apart of us, this brings in connection with ourselves. Doesn’t mean we have to be ok or like them, but being connected to the parts and ACCEPTING them for at this present moment they are there. This opens up the space to do something about these parts of ourselves, because we aren’t denying them from ourselves anymore. Now it’s saying I see you and Im gonna change this shit.

“Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in this world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. From the very beginning you have been told how you should be, nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are.” This was a quote I saw a while back and it resonated with me and stuck with me. I thought of my boys instantly and made an agreement with myself to accept my boys for being their unique selves…getting rid of ‘everyone else’s expectations’ and this includes my own beliefs I had of what my boys should be, how they should act, what foods they should eat, my discipline, etc. Our children, all they want and NEED is understanding and acceptance. Those 2 things are the greatest gift you can give kids. When you start from a clean slate with your kids and actually learn what they WANT and NEED…what is their true JOY, and what brings them happiness (away from what you think it should be). This form acceptance brings in that beautiful aspect of CONNECTION, kids thrive of the feeling of being understood, which opens up more communication and confidence. I see my boys differently now, and I feel it is a blessing to be able to raise my boys this way, they will be able to have their own power and be proud of who they are. Accepting the good and the bad and showing our kids understanding wrapped in LOVE will set our children up to navigate this crazy world we live in.

Guess the point of this blog is encouraging you to stop denying the bad in your life and accepting it for what is it… this could be a job, relationship, personal struggles, money, broken heart, need for change in your life. Cause yes we all have it, man I wish we didn’t have so much of it. But by accepting it is there, it gives space for you to change these bad parts of your life…what comes from change is GROWTH. Let all the bad parts of yourself and your life be an opportunity to learn something about yourself, let it be an opportunity to look at your PRESENT world and find the beauty in it!!! Cause when we start to focus on love and gratitude, it pull us towards that frequency in our lives. The shit will always be there but accepting more love and gratitude in your life will be a good start in the right direction. Choosing to find the good in a bad situation…you can always find the GOOD you just sometimes have to go looking for it. And knowing you are the way your for a good reason, the world got its hands on you…but the beauty of this is you get to find your power again. You get to write a new story for yourself and realize everyone else has their own…we are all individuals. People opinions, beliefs, direct comments and their own perspectives are their OWN….they are not YOURS… Find out what makes your happy and the vibration of love/gratitude, your OWN beliefs and ACCEPT the shit out of them!!!!

Much Love,


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