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Bringing your power back

Carla Swaby

Carla Swaby

Published on Sep 11, 2023

Bringing your power back, The Healing Heart


Bringing your power back, this has been my own journey and one that comes in many different layers. With the world of duality we will live in how does one feel empowered without feeling powerless to begin with... We can’t. Life can kick our ass and knock us down time after time. For the longest time I was in denial of how hard my life actually was…just going through the motions, handling everything and now looking back I did it quite well. I got shit done and kept moving forward on an adrenaline to survive. But it got to a point for me where everything came crashing down and the weight got to heavy for me the bare. It was almost like a new wave of stress and burnt out hit me and was back to feeling powerless. At the time I DID NOT see it this way, but I do now…this was part of my journey. It was time to start living my life instead of surviving it. It has been and still is a rollercoaster ride, but for me something I’m so grateful for. Its exhausting getting through the hard days for the good ones to appear again. But there is a power in pulling yourself out of your hard days and a power of wanting MORE for your life.

I know I have yelled countless time why does everything have to be so hard and sat in my own pity party, just wanting things to be easier. And you know what there is POWER in that… acknowledging this and giving yourself the space to be there. In my survival mode I never actually did this. But now on my hard days, I now give myself the space to ‘suck’. If I’m tired and drained, I rest…I don’t care. I NEED to give myself this time to feel the weight of the world taking its toll on me and if all I do is the bare minimum and that’s all I got in me…that’s all I got in me.

I have these hard days often cause quite frankly I’m exhausted quite a bit haha….. but for myself I don’t like being in these days, I know they are important to rest my mind, body and spirit so I openly allow these BLAH days to happen, but I would rather work on trying to have less and less of these days for myself. Which has been a journey for me… I want peace and ease for my life, not there yet. But when there is a will there is a way… and the ONLY way I will ever get this in my life is to keep bringing power back into my life time after time.

The ONLY way to bring this power back into your life is to chose yourself and honour what you need. What do you need that you are scared to do… it ranges from allowing yourself to mourn this stage of your life and all the stresses you feel, acknowledging the emotions you feel and let it out...write about it, talk to your safe person and vent. To ride it out the best you can trusting and actually trusting things will get better, there is a power in that!!! To going out on a girls night and feeling ZERO guilt of leaving your crying kids at home, to asking for help or actually getting help for yourself. There is power in that!!!! Saying NO and creating boundaries for yourself. Self reflection and making yourself an action plan to help with the stresses in your life. Waking up and writing on the intention you want for the day. Co creating with the universe on what your want next in life, there is power in that!!! Big or small the power all stems back to you and the steps you make in creating it in your life. Power is knowing it’s not easy but doing it anyways.

I have a childhood picture of myself hanging on my bathroom mirror and whenever I’m down on myself or life is getting the best of me. I look at her and see my boys in her…what do I say to my boys to make them feel better. I show them love and understanding and I try to make them smile and encourage them. There is power seeing that little girl in that picture, knowing she is still in ME and ALSO needs all the love and understanding that I give so freely to everyone else.

And sometimes it’s just as simple as saying screw it, I’m doing this because I need to…everyone can deal with it. Know you are worth your own power cause trust me it’s in there!!! You are the only one to ignite it though…

Much Love,

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