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The Bigger Picture

Carla Swaby

Carla Swaby

Published on Oct 30, 2023

The Bigger Picture, The Healing Heart


The Bigger Picture…what has been my journey now for almost 2 years. Before my husband passing away I had my beliefs that there was something more after we leave this world physically and was always very intrigued with mediums. But that was the extent of it, didn’t put much thought into it, I was content with our busy life raising our 3 boys…just doing LIFE. But then life hit me with a massive wake up call to see the bigger picture and there was NO avoiding it. As I’m thinking about my last two years and how many moments of shock, mind blown moments, or shaking my head with a chuckle ‘of course this is happening’ I would be able to write a book!!!!

My husband was a go big or go home kinda guy so not surprising he was this way after he left the world physically. He made it VERY clear he was around still, like very clear. I had my first medium appointment a couple months after he passed away and lets just say it was confirmation on what I already knew, all the signs and feelings I had were all real, I was so connected to him still and wasn’t going crazy… cause there were many days I actually thought I was haha.

After months of spiritual guidance I knew my husband was at peace. There is a comfort in knowing our loved ones are with us still after they pass and at peace, but it doesn’t change the fact you are here navigating your broken world without them. My grief didn’t go away but I had motivation and purpose to find my own peace.

Its called a spiritual awakening and ascension journey for a reason!!! Cause man that’s what it has been a HUGE awakening and JOURNEY…I remember early on my girlfriend got me angel cards and a bunch of spiritual books from a garage sale, I read those books in like a week out of fascination and just wanting to know MORE, the bigger picture, spirit guides, the afterlife and our soul’s evolution. Guess for me this was helping me with my grief, was giving me something to put my energy in, something for me to learn, something that to be quite honest was just so damn new to me, but I LOVED everything about it. Months later I signed up for my course… I remember my tuning forks coming in the mail before I started and thinking what the hell are these things haha… I didn’t know what I was starting just had that deep knowing and excitement for whatever it was going to be. My teacher had been a wonderful support for my journey and I knew whatever she had created was worth learning.

My road to today has been a lonely one, I have been surrounded by many supportive people in my life… the loneliness was on me. I was becoming a different person, I was doing some deep inside work, going through the layers of myself, all the broken pieces and while doing so my intuition was strengthening. One full moon I did a big release ritual and could see the dark entities flying around eating the energy I was releasing (one of my shock moments)… this is not something I could spark up easily in conversations with people in my life. Because honestly deep down I was in shock of it all, thankfully I had someone to go to once again to reassure me I wasn’t going crazy. As time has gone on I’m finding balance and thankful for the new people in my life as well as the ones that have always been there, I'm blessed with wonderful people in my life.

I’m a spiritual person and what spirituality to me means learning to love yourself more, learning what to value in your life, having self awareness, and reflecting on your triggers in your life, being able to face your fears (my launching my business HUGE fear) Spirituality is seeing the bigger picture that there is so much more to life, but it all stems from you. What you put out to the universe you will receive back, if you change your thoughts you can change your outcome. The hard things in your life will remain hard until you do something about them. I still drink beer, have some bad habits, swear more than I should, I still have bad days, angry days, sad days and my own struggles. But I have more peace and love for myself than I have ever had, I’m still me just a new me.

Much Love


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